Chess Is All About Seeing Tactics | Patron Game Analysis #25

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Support me on my journey to reach the Top 100: Join my newsletter and get my collection of greatest chess moves of all time: This video is taken from my patron game analysis live stream. In these monthly live streams I analyze the games of my supporters (patrons) in order to help them improve their chess. I particularly focus on the mistakes and how these mistakes happen. Based on that, I give practical training tips to work on avoiding these mistakes in the future. Patron Game Analysis Playlist: Here's how to have a game analyzed by me: 1. Send me a (preferably annotated) game in PGN format to (see below how to upload your game in PGN format) 2. Write in the e-mail whether you want to stay anonymous or not and whether you'd like the analysis in German or English 3. Transfer 30 Euro/30 Dollars through paypal or become a patron through Patreon ("Queen" level) 4. I'll let you know when the live stream will take place All the money that I will receive for the video analyses will go towards my tournament fund, enabling me to play strong tournaments all over the world and getting closer to my goal of reaching the Top 100. Here's how to create a PGN format using 1. Create an account in 2. Go to Tools - Analysis 3. Click on menu in the right bottom - Save to Study 4. Click Start and Create Chapter 5. Now you can enter your game, analyze with the engine and add text comments by clicking on the speech bubble in the menu bar below the diagram 6. To share it with me, click on the arrow left to the speech bubble and copy the link from study URL or chapter URL and send it to me To be notified when I publish new videos, you can subscribe to my channel: Recommended Chess Resources ▶Opening "E4 vs the French, Caro-Kann & Philidor" by Negi: "E4 vs the Sicilian I" by Negi: "E4 vs the Sicilian II" by Negi: "E4 vs the Sicilian III" by Negi: "Tactic Toolbox Najdorf" by me!: "Winning with the Slow (But Venomous!) Italian" by Mueller & Souleidis: ▶Calculation & Tactics "Dvoretsky's Analytical Manual" by Dvoretsky: Books by Jacob Aagaard: "Grandmaster Preparation" Series by Aagaard: “Perfect Your Chess” by Volokitin & Grabinsky: ▶Strategy "Mastering Chess Strategy" Series by Hellsten: "Chess Structures" by Mauricio Flores Rios: "Positional Decision Making in Chess" by Gelfand: Books by Mark Dvoretsky: Books by Artur Jussupow: ▶Endgame "Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual" by Dvoretsky: "100 Endgames You Must Know" by De la Villa: Books & DVDs by Karsten Mueller: ▶Chess History "My Great Predecessors" Series by Kasparov: “The Life and Games of Mikhail Tal” by Tal: "My 60 Memorable Games" by Fischer: ▶Chess Software "ChessBase 15" by ChessBase: "Mega Database 2019" by ChessBase: Stockfish Engine (free!): These links are so-called affiliate links. If you buy something after clicking on them, I will receive a small percentage of the sales. Of course without you having to pay more. This my list of supporters from : Ian Lamb Mario Guevara Rodriguez Dusty Park Seung-bin Timo Hilleke Joop Gijsbers Runar Woldt Yevgeny Levanzov Philip Salen Keith Cunningham Shyamsunder Erramilli Dave Poirier Rain Rat Gerhard Mertes Yannek Nyenhuis Benjamin Vella Luc Bourbonnais Martin Bergmann You really scrolled down until here?! You must be curious about me ;) So, let's stay in touch! ▶Subscribe: ▶Facebook: ▶Website: ▶chess24: ▶Twitch: ▶Curious: ▶Twitter: ▶Become a Patron:

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