Importance of the Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Symbiosis in Agroecosystems

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🖥 🌿 We had the pleasure to do a webinar together with Dr. Alberto Andrino from the University of Hannover about the importance of the arbuscular mycorrhiza in agriculture. First part of the webinar was a general presentation about the functions of the symbiosis which we translated to German and published a couple of weeks ago. The second part was a very interesting question and answer session between Alberto and the audience which you can watch now in this video originally in English. Hope you like it! 🎈 Wenn ihr uns helfen wollt, dann teilt die Videos mit euren Berufskollegen! Sollen wir dich verständigen, wenn ein neues Video rauskommt? Dann registriere dich auf unserer Website zum Newsletter: ► ◄ Folge uns auch auf Facebook ►

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